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Bismark Pastry Tip

Bismark Pastry Tip

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Ateco Stainless Steel Bismark Pastry Tip. The perfect way to fill jelly donuts, cream puffs, and eclairs, this pastry tube is specifically designed with a longer tube to inject pastries with sweet butter cream, chocolate, mousse, and more! The extended tube allows you to fill each dessert with minimal disturbance to the outside of your product to keep its shape intact. Using the right sized pastry tube for the job will enhance your presentation to draw patrons' attention to your display cases and plated desserts.

No. 229: 

No. 230:  Length: 2 7/8"  Opening Length: 3/8" Opening Width 3/16"

No. 231:  Length: 3 1/2"  Opening Length: 1/4" Opening Width 1/8"


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