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Charms Assorted Fruit Flavor Blow Pop Lollipops

Charms Assorted Fruit Flavor Blow Pop Lollipops

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We don’t know a single kid who doesn’t like Blow Pops. But we do know a few who only eat the cherry flavor, a smattering who love sour apple, and a bunch who prefer grape. We even know some kids who like to take one or two licks and then stick their Blow Pop to the dog. With so many different preferences, is there any way to keep everyone happy? Of course there is! It’s this 3-lb. bag of assorted Blow Pops flavors! Now everybody can have the sweet and scrumptious Blow Pop they love with plenty left over for sharing! And don’t forget that every Blow Pop has a juicy piece of bubble gum inside. We can’t think of anything better!

Flavors: Watermelon, cherry, grape, strawberry, sour apple

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