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Dart Clearseal Clear Hinged Lid Pie Wedge Container

Dart Clearseal Clear Hinged Lid Pie Wedge Container

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For excellent product visibility and superior freshness, pre-package slices of your signature cakes, pies, and specialty desserts to-go in this Dart Clearseal  clear hinged lid pie wedge container. Its crystal clear, clamshell design enhances food's appeal as guests can easily see your perfectly baked creations. Whether you want to use this container for left-over desserts after a meal, or to package desserts for display, it is a perfect food storage solution. The crystal clear clarity of the packaging will also help increase impulse sales when displayed by the register as well! 

With a sturdy plastic construction and wide side ribbing, this container provides extra strength for both merchandising and transportation. Easy open tabs and a 360-degree seal ensures a secure closure every time! Customers will also appreciate the seal as they won't have to worry about the container popping open or leaking when they are transporting their desserts home! Use this container to hold a single serving of pie, cheesecake, cobbler, or cake. 

  • Crystal clarity allows for easy product identification
  • Secure closure prevents leaks and accidental spills
  • Stackable design saves on storage space
  • Durable, crush-resistant construction
  • Designed to hold a single-serving of pie or cake
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