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Fluted Simpress™

Fluted Simpress™

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The Fluted Simpress™ creates textured fondant panels that can be used in many ways when decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes. The vertical flutes impressed into the fondant by the Simpress™ create an elegant design that adds sophistication to any decorated cake.

This amazing tool will cut and mold a perfect fondant panel that can be applied around a crumb coated cake avoiding the often difficult task of rolling fondant into a sheet and covering the entire cake by draping, rubbing and smoothing. Many cake decorators prefer this method of covering a cake with fondant and have often requested a Simpress™ that could produce plain fondant panels. Unfortunately, when two plain panels are joined around a cake, there is an unavoidable seam that is impossible to eliminate. The Fluted Simpress™ resolves this dilhema since its texture of vertical lines hides panel seams perfectly.

The Fluted Simpres™ can also be used quite effectively when creating panels that have designs that are embedded into the fondant like letters, cut out shapes or even entire Silicone Onlay® patterns

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