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Geometric Multicutter Lantern, Set of 3

Geometric Multicutter Lantern, Set of 3

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Put down that ruler and craft knife and save yourself the hassle. These sharp cutting multicutters will make your life a piece of cake. Simply roll out your edible medium and press. The sharp cut also means that there is no hassle and you can be assured that your shapes will come out flawlessly each time.

Each cutter makes 10 tiles at a time, much quicker than doing it by hand - and easier. As the cutters are measured and made, you know they will all be of equal sizes and fit into each other. 

Why not cut shapes from different coloured sugar paste to make vibrant designs, which you know will fit into each other. You can cover a whole cake, or even make a border, the possibilities are endless. You can even cover some of the biggest cakes quickly due to the 10 tiles being produced each time. For more elegant designs why not use pastel colours to decorate with. You could even use the lustre colours to really make them stand out. The simple yet regal design of these cutters will enable you to create gorgeous cakes.

Approximate Measurements:

Small: 0.75"


Large: 1.25"

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