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Soy Lecithin

Soy Lecithin

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Extend shelf-life, moisturize and emulsify with natural, food-grade soy lecithin.

LorAnn’s liquid Soy Lecithin is a true powerhouse when it comes to extending shelf-life. Having foods taste as fresh as the day they were made is critical for success and adding soy lecithin to your baked goods and candies can help achieve that goal.  

An all-natural, viscous extract derived from soybeans, soy lecithin has super-charged emulsification abilities that produce perfectly blended dressings and sauces, but the magic lecithin adds to baked goods and candy is what’s really exciting. Lecithin’s ability to slow the oxidation of fat will keep your cookies and bars moist and buttery candies fresher longer.

Not only does lecithin extend shelf-life, just a touch homogenizes the ingredients in your dough recipes, yielding smoother, more elastic dough resulting in a lighter, chewier finished product. Simply mix the lecithin into the fat or oil prior to adding to the batch.  Usage recommendation is 2 to 3 teaspoons for every 3 cups of flour.  There is no need to adjust any other ingredients, cooking time or temperature. Plus, since only a small amount is needed, lecithin will not alter the flavor of your foods.

For caramel popcorn, adding a little lecithin and oil at the very end will not only keep that creamy caramel tasting great, it will also help the caramel evenly coat the popcorn and reduce clumping. 

The ability to keep oils and fats from separating also makes lecithin ideal for making toffees and caramels. That emulsification magic keeps the candy from developing an oily residue on the outside giving your candies a beautifully smooth finish.

Lecithin can also be used to thin chocolate. It is more cost effective than cocoa butter and less is needed for similar results.
Usage recommendation is 0.25 - 0.50% lecithin per total batch. Too much lecithin can have the reverse effect and cause chocolate to thicken. Lecithin can also control sugar crystallization.

Combine with vegetable oils and use lecithin instead of high-calorie oils to make your own non-stick coating for greasing pans and sautéing food.

Natural  • Kosher certified • Gluten-free • Vegan

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