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Edibleart Decorative cake paint Leaf Green

Edibleart Decorative cake paint Leaf Green

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Edibleart Decorative cake paint 

Leaf Green 

0.5 fl oz 15 ml

once dry, the paint is rub free; no fuss; the color is true; what you see is what you get; 100-percent food grade; free of gluten, dairy and peanuts; a little bottle goes a long way.

Our Original Edible Art Paint can paint on many surfaces such as:

  • Fondant
  • Royal Icing
  • Crusted buttercream (Butter and sugar only recipes)
  • Sugar cookies
  • Marshmallows
  • Confectionary
  • Ganache
  • Modelling chocolate
  • Macarons
  • Fruit ie: Berries
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