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Rectangle Boards

Rectangle Boards

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This Bright White corrugated, single wall pad is greaseproof and moisture resistant. The edge is smooth for a professional presentation. Sheet single wall pad measures and is a great way to display your baked goods.  Made with high quality corrugated cardboard, this sturdy, grease-resistant cake pad is strong enough to hold even your heaviest cakes without getting soggy or bending.

Designed specifically for cake making, this cake pad features a grease-resistant finish to ensure there are no stains or moisture marks transferred from your buttercream frosting, glazes, or chocolate syrups. Plus, it is extremely easy to wipe clean excess icing, making it an essential for delivering a clean, professional presentation of your beautiful cakes.

The pad's clean, bright white color offers a professional look, while promising not to detract your customer's attention from the vibrant colors of your signature cake. This cake pad is great for decorating, serving, and transporting your quarter size sheet cakes, as well as can be used for holding cupcakes and other single serve desserts.

  • Holds up to a quarter sheet cake
  • Corrugated cardboard ensures heaviest cakes can be properly supported and carried
  • Coated to resist greases for stain-free usage
  • Bright white color complements your cake decorations
  • Disposable for easy clean up
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